Experience Freedom From Glasses!

Do you want to experience the freedom of not wearing glasses?

We have the answer!

Enjoy freedom from your glasses with a FREE comfort trial of DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses during our Contact Lens Experience day at Frost Borneo on 7th February between 10am – 5pm.

Our fully qualified Contact Lens Optician and team will talk to you about the benefits of contact lenses and will even insert the lenses for you – come along and enjoy a coffee, a chat and experience the freedom contact lenses bring!

Do you want to see clearly at every distance?

We have the answer for this too with DAILIES TOTAL1 MULTIFOCAL contact lenses.

They are specifically designed to help you focus on your phone, tablet, books and also television and driving. We want you to see comfortably at every distance!

Have you tried contact lenses before but couldn’t get on with them?

DAILIES TOTAL1 are the world’s only water gradient lenses that provide a cushion of moisture, so it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Why are DAILIES TOTAL1 lenses so great?

Here’s the clever science!

Water gradient technology to create a cushion of moisture on your eye providing exceptional comfort*.

SmarTears® Technology features the release of an ingredient found naturally in your tears that helps stabilize your eye’s tear film.

No cleaning required and you can enjoy that ‘new lens’ feeling every day.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try or just discuss further give us a call on 01491 574091 to book an appointment.

*9 out of 10 of wearers agree they’re so comfortable, they forget they’re wearing them!

50% off a second pair!

We have a great offer for the new decade. 50% off a second pair of specs! Simply purchase your first pair using MyStyle, LifeStyle or WorkStyle lenses then claim 50% off the second pair. You may decide on prescription sunglasses or a pair specifically for reading. Head over to the blog page to find out more!

50% off a second pair!

Did you know that lenses customised to your lifestyle can improve your quality of life?

You may want effortless switching between distance and near vision.

You may travel and read books and ebooks in your spare time.

Or you may require sharp vision indoors for computer and reading.

We can help!

Between now and 31st March 2020 we are offering 50% off a second complete pair of glasses when you order your first pair of MyStyle, LifeStyle or WorkStyle varifocal lenses.

These bespoke varifocal lenses are tailored to your lifestyle using the latest technology so that you benefit from the sharpest, clearest vision whatever the task.

What’s more you’ll receive £59 off the cost of your first pair with our MyChoice loyalty scheme!

Once you’ve purchased your glasses with MyStyle, LifeStyle or WorkStyle lenses you’ll have until 31st March 2020 to get 50% off a second pair!

Your second pair could be a simple pair for reading or distance and we can even make them prescription sunglasses!

Or why not have a spare pair of varifocals or specialised office glasses?

Whatever the task we can help you benefit from the clearest and most comfortable vision possible.

The choice is yours with this fantastic offer!