Contact lenses

Contact lens technology has advanced greatly in recent years, now enabling almost everyone to wear them with ease and comfort. We believe in recommending and fitting the very best contact lenses available for your long term eye health and comfort. Our highly experienced optometrists remain at the forefront of changes in contact lens technology, offering valuable advice and care in helping you choose the right contact lenses for your prescription and your budget.
As totally independent Opticians we are not tied to any particular contact lens supplier or manufacturer. We can select what we believe to be the best products to suit your individual eyecare needs from the whole of the contact lens market. We aim to be competitive on contact lens prices and when you join our contact lens aftercare scheme we provide a number of additional benefits not available on the internet sites.
Frost Borneo Opticians are also specialists in Orthokeratology. Special custom made EyeDream contact lenses correct your sight while you sleep at night, allowing you to wake up to a full day of clearer vision without the need for daytime contact lens or spectacle wear.

We also fit MiSight contact lenses for children; the first daily disposable lenses with ActivControl to correct existing myopia and also slow it’s progression.

We enjoy great success fitting multifocal contact lenses. These offer the convenience of being able to see at all distances without having to wear spectacles. Available in daily, 2 weekly disposable, monthly disposable and gas permeable lenses there is a lens suitable for everyone.

These are our most popular contact lenses, we offer many other contact lenses also including gas permeables – please contact us for further details.

Daily Disposable 1 months 3 months
1 Day Acuvue Oasys £ 43.00 £ 120.00
1 Day Acuvue Moist £ 33.00 £ 86.00
1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism £ 45.00 £ 135.00
1 Day Acuvue Multifocal £ 49.00 £ 141.00
Dailies Total 1 £ 46.00 £ 134.00
Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus £ 29.50 £ 78.00

Oasys 2 Weekly £14.70 per month

Monthly disposables from £6.50 per month


Contact lens aftercare is of the utmost importance to us at Frost Borneo Opticians. Aftercare ensures your eyes remain in the very best of health. Our comprehensive Lensplan and Lensplan Plus enables us to look after your eyes and provides you with the necessary aftercare appointments to wear your contact lenses comfortably and successfully.

Lensplan includes:

ALL contact lens check ups

Annual eye examination

ALL emergency/unscheduled visits as required

15% discount on selected spectacles, sunglasses and solutions

Lensplan Plus includes:

ALL contact lens check ups

Annual eye examination

ALL emergency/unscheduled visits as required

20% discount on selected spectacles, sunglasses and solutions

Annual Optomap digital imaging

These plans are paid by a direct debit – Lensplan £12.50pm and Lensplan Plus £14.50pm