To complement your fabulous and affordable frames we will ensure that you have the ideal lenses to suit your vision and lifestyle.


EnRoute Driving Lenses

Do you want greater visual comfort when driving, especially at night and in poor weather conditions? Would you like clear, relaxed vision in all directions and at all distances with greater contrast and colour perception? Ask us about Hoya EnRoute lenses and how they can improve your driving experience.


Lens Coatings

Do you want your lenses to last longer and give clearer more relaxed vision due to reduction in glare? Do you want them to be easier to clean and resistant to water, grease and dust? Hoya HVLL coated lenses are the lenses for you. Do you also require 100% protection from UV rays, which have been linked to increased risk of cataract and other aging eye problems? We can help with that by adding a protective coating on the front and back of the lens. Modern life means we are constantly using screens, tablets and phones and therefore exposed more often to blue light which can result in eye fatigue and even sleeplessness. We have a solution for this too by adding a protective BlueControl coating to your lenses, perfect for students, office workers and gamers!


Varifocal Lenses

Do you want a lens that offers a seamless transition between far, intermediate and near distances? Then a varifocal, sometimes called a multifocal or progressive lens, is for you. Hoya multifocal lenses can be tailored to individual needs from a great basic lens, Balansis, or a premium lens such as LifeStyle.

Now we also offer MySelf and MyStyle; a 100% customised state of the art multifocal, tailored to your lifestyle.


Indoor or Office lenses

Sometimes you want a varifocal lens that offers a better intermediate and near range to give greater comfort at work. WorkStyle lenses are ideal for this office environment and for using digital devices. Hoya WorkStyle offer a smooth transition from middle distance to near and can be tailored to your working environment.

Neil and Catalina, Optometrists in the practice, find these perfect during their working day.