50% off a second pair!

Did you know that lenses customised to your lifestyle can improve your quality of life?

You may want effortless switching between distance and near vision.

You may travel and read books and ebooks in your spare time.

Or you may require sharp vision indoors for computer and reading.

We can help!

Between now and 31st March 2020 we are offering 50% off a second complete pair of glasses when you order your first pair of MyStyle, LifeStyle or WorkStyle varifocal lenses.

These bespoke varifocal lenses are tailored to your lifestyle using the latest technology so that you benefit from the sharpest, clearest vision whatever the task.

What’s more you’ll receive £59 off the cost of your first pair with our MyChoice loyalty scheme!

Once you’ve purchased your glasses with MyStyle, LifeStyle or WorkStyle lenses you’ll have until 31st March 2020 to get 50% off a second pair!

Your second pair could be a simple pair for reading or distance and we can even make them prescription sunglasses!

Or why not have a spare pair of varifocals or specialised office glasses?

Whatever the task we can help you benefit from the clearest and most comfortable vision possible.

The choice is yours with this fantastic offer!