Sync Lenses

Do you experience irritated eyes, blurred vision or headaches while looking at a screen?

Then you may well have digital eye strain.

Many people spend an average of 8-10 hours a day looking at digital screens. This can cause digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome.

Frost Borneo can offer Sync third-generation enhanced single vision lenses from our favoured lens company Hoya, which are specifically designed to relieve digital eye strain.
These are ideal for anyone between 13 and 45 or older who spend two or more hours a day focusing on digital screens. It is also beneficial to people focused on near sighted tasks.

The lenses are available as either Sync I, Sync II or Sync III dependent on age and use.

Sync lenses have the distance power for everyday use and a ‘boost zone’ at the bottom of the lens. They are especially designed for the way many people use their eyes today.

The boost zone has a slightly increased power, which helps the eye muscles to relax and focus more easily, enhancing visual comfort during prolonged screen time.

Dispensing Optician Liz says “I really like these lenses. They definitely help my vision feel more comfortable. I find them especially useful when reading in the evenings or if I’ve spent a lot of time looking at a screen during the day.”

They are also perfect for patients who don’t quite need a varifocal yet and come in a variety of materials so even if you have a high prescription they can be made in to the thinnest lenses possible.

Call in to Frost Borneo to find out more about our dispensing opticians first hand experience of these lenses.