Frost Borneo are pleased to announce the arrival of SPINE frames!

These great looking frames use a revolution in hinge technology to ensure grip is never lost.

Inspired by the interaction between vertebrae, SPINE solves age-old hinge limitations. Unencumbered by traditional parts and manufacturing processes the globally patented SPINE hinge grips all day long, morphing to fit any face shape and head size, all with the lightest of touch.

Quite simply; they grip, they flex, they’re durable and they shut automatically, a great feature if your glasses are on and off a lot. The frames will not slip down your face, a great feature for active lifestyles.

The flex means wearer comfort as SPINE flexes in tune with you and your movements. Durability for the wearer comes from parts working together. There are 5 working SPINE vertebrae seamlessly helping each other take the strain. Wear from friction becomes totally non-existent meaning a really durable frame for the wearer.

There are no loose screws because there are no screws! SPINE offers two totally unique and patented multidirectional smart hinges. These help stabilise the wearer prescription, improve wearer lens clarity and enhance wearer comfort.

SPINE – eyewear with backbone!