Maui Jim

We recommend Maui Jim Sunglasses because we believe that they are the most technically advanced sunglasses available. Maui Jim sunglasses provide advanced protection from the glare and harmful rays of the sun without distorting colours. They boost colour so that blues are truer, greens are brighter and reds are more vibrant. By the use of their unique PolarizedPlus2 lens technology glare is eliminated from any flat, smooth or shiny surface for a crisp cleaner view.

All Maui Jim lenses have the following benefits:

  • PolarizedPlus2 lens technology to wipe out 99.9% of glare and block 100% of harmful UV
  • Waterproof to shed water and snow
  • Oleophobic coating to repel grease and make smudges and fingerprints easier to wipe away
  • Anti Reflective Treatment to block reflected light and annoying glare from behind to help eliminate eye fatigue
  • Clearshell scratch resistant treatment for added durability
  • Colour enhancement to infuse views with colour
  • Bi-gradient mirror eliminates overhead and reflected glare

Maui Jim sunglasses are available in lightweight wraparound sports styles and classic unisex metal and plastic designs. MauiReaders are Maui Jim Sunglasses in a modern wraparound style that incorporate a small reading prescription in the lower part of the lens. These are ideal for people requiring simple reading glasses or contact lens wearers who require a little help with reading.

If you wear spectacles you can still benefit from Maui Jim technology because they are available to prescription as single vision or varifocals. Speak to one of our dispensing opticians to see if your prescription is suitable. From our experience when you wear a pair of Maui Jim Sunglasses you will never want to wear anything else!

Maui Jim offers an unequalled repair service with a fast turnaround and sunglasses come with a two year warranty against any defect in materials or workmanship.